Let the inner journey begin…

* Tejas Yogalaya based in Pune, Maharashtra, India helps you to achieve mental and physical fitness. We have separate batches for traditional, power, vinyasa and meditative yoga. We also provide theurapatic yoga. Let us know if you prefer a home tution wherein one can get personal attention. 

* Tejas is a certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantri Ashram, Kerala

* A) “Samatvaṃ Yoga Ucyate” Lord Krishna explains, ¨Perform action, O Arjuna, being steadfast in Yoga, abandoning attachment and balanced in Success and failure. Evenness of mind is called Yoga¨. Equilibrium is Yoga. Dwelling in union with the Divine; performing action without expectation of fruits is success. Failure is the non-attainment of knowledge by doing actions with expectation of fruit. Action done with evenness of mind is Yoga. He who, restraining the organs of action, sits thinking of the sense- objects in mind, he is of deluded understanding and is called a ‘Hypocrite’. But whoever, controlling the senses by the mind, engages himself in Karma Yoga with the organs of action, without attachment and egoism – he excels. He certainly is more worthy than the other who is a hypocrite or a man of false conduct. – Bhagavad Gītā, (2.48)